Custom Spaces

custom spaces example with chairs and sitting area

Custom Spaces for Corporate Suites

For larger businesses, we offer custom spaces for corporate suites which can include up to an entire floor of the building or even multiple floors if desired. This option is popular among larger companies as the space is completely yours from the moment your customer steps off the elevator. These custom spaces can be tailored to fit the feel and brand of your business.

Small Business Custom Spaces

Small business custom spaces are a great way to balance a company that’s not too big and not too small. Several businesses operate on the same floor while still having a comfortable, spacious environment of their own. Tenants are able to interact with each other while waiting for the elevator or freshening up in the restroom. This option is enjoyed by many because it makes a small company feel large, giving off a corporate, professional atmosphere.

flex custom spaces example with sitting area

Flex Custom Spaces

Our individual flex office custom spaces are clean and private, giving you an undisturbed location to work in regardless of your field. Each space is comprised of a cozy lobby surrounded by independent offices, creating a diverse workplace environment that is filled with connections. These connections could lead to sharing clients, benefitting both small and large businesses. You will also have the opportunity to partner with several business affiliates within a business incubator. Flex spaces have access to bathrooms, parking, water fountains, and all other building perks.

Custom Spaces Buildout

Any layout is possible with the custom spaces buildout option. If desired, tenants are able to turn several small office spaces into one large area. Each space is completely customizable and can be personalized to fit each company’s specific style and preferences. Any idea you have in mind can be designed and easily built.